Booking Conditions

House Rules:

When starting to use the accommodation it is assumed that the guests are familiar with the house rules and that they agree with their terms and conditions.

Arrival time is 14.00 and check out is strictly 12 noon. This is to ensure that the owners have time to prepare for the next guests arriving at 14.00. The guests have the obligation to leave the accommodation in the same condition as they found it, tidy and undamaged.

It is strictly forbidden that any person other than the guests stay inside or outside the accommodation. For insurance reasons, if any other person is found to be present in or outside the accommodation, the owners have the right to cancel the reservation of all the guests.

'For insurance purposes, any activities or other services cannot be arranged without prior authorisation of the owners of Galway Glamping. Should permission be granted, a copy of insurance and a fee of €50 for each external activity or service will be incurred for the use of the site's facilities.

Guests who intentionally or accidently damage the property, will have to reimburse the owners the full amount of the occurred damage.

Final numbers must be confirmed four weeks before arrival and total cost of accommodation also needs to be paid at this time.
A list of guests will be required three weeks prior to arrival in order to satisfy fire regulations

It is not allowed to bring any weapon, inflammable or explosive substance on to the accommodation. .

Use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated and the Gardai will be called and accommodation will be terminated.

Pets are allowed only with the owner's permission. Bringing pets without prior announcement is not allowed and the owners have the right to cancel the reservation. The guests are responsible for any damage caused by their pets and have to clean the excrements left inside or outside the accommodation.

There is a no smoking policy inside the accommodation and smoking is allowed only in the designated areas outside. Proper disposal of cigarette ends is essential. A fire risk should be considered at all times when using any items that produce heat or has a naked flame.

The owners are available to the guests during their stay for any information and assistance they may need. In the case of any complaint about the quality of the accommodation we advise guests to contact the owners directly. Complaints will be considered only if reported during the stay, subsequent complaints will not be considered.

The guests are obliged to take care of their personal things and valuables left in the accommodation. The owners will not be responsible in the case of any disappearance and we advise that guests always close their doors when they go out.

The owners do not have the right to enter the accommodation during the absence of guests, except to stop damages or a danger occurring in the accommodation. In this case they have to inform the guests of the reason for entry. If the owners have any reason to believe that the house rules are violated, the guests have to let them enter into the accommodation in order to check the accommodation.

The site is not suitable for high heels, should you choose to wear these you do so at your own risk.